In Honor of my E

Eric and I will have been married for 14 years on Monday.  We’ve had some good times, some really strange and weird times, and some times that sucked like heck.  We’ve been in debt up to our eyeballs together.  We’ve been through extended family drama together.  We’ve been through a miscarriage together.  We’ve been through hell caused by a crazy stalker together.  Upside: We keep “swinging back to home” and remembering why we got married.

We got married despite criticism from family, (some were 100% behind it, some were not,)  despite our then-cult leader trying her best to keep us from marrying, JUST BECAUSE WE KNEW that we were meant to be together.  We thought that we loved each other then, but our love really has strengthened through all of these hard times.  We LOVE the good times- trust me.  The good times are keepers. 🙂  We have 5 beautiful children.  We live on 6 acres- a dream come true for me.  We are blessed financially. These are the things that we go back to, most important of them LOVE, when times get hard.  We remember our home- the safety and companionship of each other.



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