Road Notes: Birmingham and Auburn, AL

This past weekend our family headed down to Birmingham to play at Moonlight On the Mountain. I was honored to open for Spencer Bohren. I learned a lot just watching him play. It was a nice little listening room. I wish there were more venues set up like this. People come JUST to listen to someone sing- there isn’t any background noise, cell phones aren’t allowed, people are attentive and actually listen to YOU. I really loved playing there.

On Saturday night, I went to Auburn to play at The Gnu’s Room. It is also set up this way, although it is a bit smaller. I’ve played there twice and will play there again on my way to Mobile in May.

The fam and I spent Saturday in Birmingham. My phone wouldn’t show me how to get to a good coffee place, so we spent two hours trying to find a coffee shop. I wanted to just forget it, but I guess that Eric really wanted some. Then we went to the Birmingham Art Museum. We only got to see one floor, because Baby S was being a turd, yelling and running around. They wouldn’t allow us to put him piggy-back on our necks, so we had to hold him in our arms. After one floor, both Eric and I were worn out. Baby S is a really busy 3 year old. I’m sure that in a year’s time, he’ll settle down. We are looking forward to that…

On Sunday, we went to the Space Center in Huntsville again. (We had just went in November.) But because of tired and cranky kids, and a mix-up with Eric’s work, we headed home early.

Other music news: I will be working with a publicist soon. And things are going well with radio still. I’m working on getting more gigs… and succeeding. I’ve added a couple more the past day or two. One in Nashville and another one in Auburn. Also, I’ve been in talks since October with a media company to do a music video of “Black Ball”. We are ironing out the details now and will be shooting sometime in March or April. No rush for me and they were happy to hear that!


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