I am pro-choice with just about every aspect of my life. God is pro-choice too. He created us with a free will to choose whether to do right or wrong. So here He is allowing us to do right and wrong, yet some Christians are expecting other people who are unbelievers to follow THEIR pattern. I find this ludicrous, because with our faith, God wants us to make correct moral decisions, but He doesn’t force us to. Why are Christians playing God this way?

I absolutely and 100% believe in stating your beliefs and making a stand. I do it often. But I don’t believe that my faith and beliefs should be part of the Constitution. For example, I have 5 children. I believe that abortion is a monstrosity, a disgusting and selfish move on the part of any mother regardless of the circumstance. I believe that it leaves harrowed scars in the mother’s emotional state for years, if not for their entire lifespan. I cry over the innocent babies who never had a chance to survive. HOWEVER, I believe that EVERY person has a right to choose whether or not they should make the decision to have an abortion. PERSONALLY, I have the choice to either reject them and call them names or to love them where they are at.

The greatest commandment in the Christian faith is to love. I suck at love. I find it baffling and hard to understand. I find it even harder to live by, but every day I make the CHOICE to try to the best of my ability to love. There are other things that I disagree with in this world, but I don’t see the point in trying to force someone to conform to my opinion. To me SPEAKING opinion is one thing. It is a completely different thing to speak your opinion and then in retaliation do something to the other person as some sort of punishment for their behavior.

I’m pro-life too. I believe that every person has the right to live, whether an unborn baby or a mass-murderer. Obviously, the mass-murderer made some really horrible choices, but life is precious and I wouldn’t want to be the one to flip the switch and possibly send him to hell. That would make me a murderer.

I’m pro-life, because life is a series of choices that we make. I make lots of mistakes in my choices, but through my mistakes I learn. If anyone goes through life with someone making choices for them, they don’t really have a thought of their own or a life of their own. I speak from experience here, having come from a church background where life decisions were pretty much made for me via manipulation and control.

People have a right to choose what they do with their life… pro-choice & pro-life in their own way. Let God play God. We really don’t know what we are doing with our own lives- why bother with someone else’s?


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