My iShowcase Experience

In February or March, I was sent a message on Reverbnation telling me about a showcase at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville.  I had to sell 20 tickets for $20.  I’ve been around the industry long enough to know that the main purpose is to raise money for whomever for whatever purposes.  I realized that and was okay with it.  I had my own reasons for agreeing to it, so I signed up and was able to sell my allotted tickets, plus some. That gave me a bit of confidence.  That I could sell that many $20 tickets was nice thing to know.  It’s nice having so many warm supporters… it gives me warm fuzzies inside. 🙂

Anyway, the day of the gig dawned.  I wore my awesome green dress.  I rocked the Hard Rock!  Here is a video of one of the songs I performed.  It’s called “News To See” and is from my most recent album “Black Ball.”

I actually went not expecting much, except to give my ticket buyers a good show and make a few contacts.  The gig was long- I mean really long.  Long like, “I need to drink 7 or 8 coffees, because I was falling asleep,” long.  Long like “pretty much a 12 hour gig” long.  Everyone of the artists that I met were really supportive of each other.  There weren’t any cat claws.  It was really nice to be around a group of artists and not have to deal with that.  Anyway, we played fourth and had to wait from about 6:30 until 1:30ish to find out who won the “encore round”.

Lo and behold, it ran so long that the encore round was skipped.  But they did three winners of one-on-one consults instead.  The first two were bands.  I thought for sure that this girl, Loretta Hill, would get the third spot.  I LOVED HER SET!  I can’t find her online though, which I am disappointed about.  I was honestly surprised when they called my name out as the last consult.

On Friday, I have my consultation.  What I am not expecting is a record deal.  What I am expecting is some really great advice.  And I’m looking forward to it! 🙂


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