Low Carb Blues

I’ve been trying to blog more.  One thing that has always remained constant in my life, besides my great hubby and kids, is my love of writing. I find it cathartic to write how I’m feeling and posting it, no matter how mundane to any of you.

Current gripe:  I am SICK of eating almost no carb.  I haven’t lost more than 1/2 lb in the last couple of weeks.  And it isn’t as if I’m “close” to my weight loss goal, so in one sense it is a plateau.  Honestly, I shouldn’t be at a plateau when I have 30 or so more lbs. to lose. So, I am frustrated… and hungry… and therefore, GROUCHY.  

I miss breakfast breads, like pancakes, waffles and banana bread.  But instead I am going to have bacon and a spinach frittata. Wish me luck today as I fight the carb war.



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