ON THE ROAD: August 18

For those out-of-the-loop, I just returned from a 16-day music tour. We started in central IL and made our way to New England and back in that time. I already posted about our first gig HERE.

Our second gig was in Marion, IN, at Beatnik’s Cafe.  We left at about 2 p.m., checked into our hotel quickly and then headed to the venue.  It was a vibey place… definitely intended for the drinking crowd.  The chili was good and Trace, the owner, was a really nice guy.  Apparently he makes a really mean mixed drink with sake. I didn’t try it though!

Here is one of me performing that night.  We had a great time ad libbing on a few of the songs.

Erisa Rei and Erik Ferguson performing in Marion, IN.

We had a good time, although it was a late night.  We didn’t get to bed until about 4 a.m.

Beatnik’s Cafe in Marion, IN

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