ON THE ROAD: Thursday, August 16 and Friday, August 17

I just recently returned from a 16-day tour.  It was fun.  It was tiring.  It was memorable.  I don’t have a laptop and we were pretty busy so what little I got online was with my phone.  Anyway, I have the photos loaded now, so here is my first entry for the Troubadour Gypsy Tour.

I left pretty early on Thursday, August 16, for Champaign, IL, where my parents live.  I stayed on their couch for a couple of nights before we left for Indiana on Saturday.  My dad and I traveled around the UofI campus town on Thursday. My throat was kind of bothering me, so we stopped in at a Thai restaurant and ordered some soup.  I had some Tom Kha Kai.  (I’m probably butchering the spelling… apologies.) I also spent time with Mom when she wasn’t working.  It was nice to catch up and spend some time with them.  I love them very much!

Dad and our soups at the Thai Restaurant! 🙂

The first gig was in Decatur at Donnie’s Homespun Pizza.  (I hear that he is opening one in Springfield too!)   Donnie’s has such a cool, relaxed vibe.  I love their pizza too.

It was a great first gig!



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