ON THE ROAD: August 19, 2012

For those out-of-the-loop, I just returned from a 16-day music tour. We started in central IL and made our way to New England and back in that time.

It was Sunday morning about 11 a.m. when we left our hotel in Gas City, IN, after our GIG in Marion, IN.  We were a bit groggy still, but we made it to Cleveland.  We had to drive around the university campus like a group of creepers, as we tried to find the venue, The Barking Spider Tavern.  It ended up being nestled between a couple of buildings.  The ragtime music pouring out of the crevices was our first indicator of its location.  When we arrived, a group of ragtime musicians were performing.  I loved it!

The Ragtime band at The Barking Spider Tavern

We were up next, so we got our gear up and started.  Personally, I loved the feel of the venue, but it is a roots music venue so that’s probably why.  Here are some pics of the evening:

Erisa Rei and Erik in Cleveland.
A beginning…

From there we drove an hour or so to our hotel.  I loved Cleveland!


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