ON THE ROAD: August 20

For those out-of-the-loop, I just returned from a 16-day music tour with my friends. We started in central IL and made our way to New England and back in that time.

After our GIG in Cleveland, we stayed in a hotel right over the OH/PA border.  After a few hours of driving, we arrived at Avenue 209 Coffee in Lock Haven, PA.  Here are a few pics of the night, along with a couple with Johnny Newman.  He is an excellent folk singer-songwriter and guitar player.

Avenue 209 Coffee in Lock Haven, PA
Erik Ferguson and Erisa Rei
The talented Johnny Newman

Afterwards we drove about 90 minutes to the hotel.  I had booked a hotel in “Lock Haven”, the same town as our gig.  But after I booked it, I realized that it was 50+ miles away on winding and hilly roads.  We got about 10 minutes down the road when one of us got a “phone call” from “me.”  It ended up that I left my phone at the coffeehouse.  So 30 minutes wasted there…  (Sorry, guys!) Plus, with the hotel being so far away from any actual cities, I was worried that I booked a poor choice. Once we got there though, the inn was comfortable and very clean.  There concludes Monday, August 20.


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