ON THE ROAD: August 26

For those out-of-the-loop, I just returned from a 16-day music tour. We started in central IL and made our way to New England and back in that time.  Here is a link to the last leg of our journey.

Our next leg of the journey took us to Portland, ME.  I was particularly excited about going, because I’ve always wanted to go to Maine.  (Now that I’ve went, it is one of the places that I wouldn’t mind moving to. I love it!)  We kept seeing cautionary road signs with the shape of a moose on them.  Besides the signs, this is the only moose we actually saw.

Erik Vs. The Moose

We also walked around and got a view of the harbor.  I don’t think that it was the best view, but we were just glad to slow down for a little bit.

Portland, ME

After this we went to a little diner, where I had some lobster.  Then we walked downtown for awhile to shop, after which we headed to the hotel for a spell.  Then we went to our gig at Flask Lounge.  We were playing with Cole Phillips and his drummer, Austin, of The New Nicolette. They are a talented bunch, although their female member wasn’t over 21, so she couldn’t play.  Here is a video of Cole and Austin playing that night:

Here are some more photos of the night.  It was dark in there!

The New Nicolette
Erisa Rei in Portland, ME

Now….  If you happen to be traveling in New England and Portland, ME, is one of your stops, you HAVE to stop at Flask Lounge to eat their scrumptious food.  They make their own jalapeno poppers, as well as french fries with garlic aioli that you don’t want to miss out on.  All I can say beyond that is, if I am ever in Portland again, I will make a special stop at Flask Lounge just for this VERY reason. YUM!  Plus, the bartender and sound guy were incredibly nice… as well as the patrons.  I really loved Portland!


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