ON THE ROAD: August 31& September 1

For those out-of-the-loop, I just returned from a 16-day music tour. We started in central IL and made our way to New England and back in that time.

We had toured for two weeks straight and had two more gigs left.  The first one was in Youngstown, OH, at The Lemon Grove Cafe.  This place has a really cool atmosphere and great food/drink.  It is an establishment that values the arts, with regular musical performers of various styles and an art gallery in a separate area away from the restaurant and bar.  Before Dyanne and I were on, there was this singer/guitar player there named Jim DeCapua.  Jim has one of the most incredible voices that I have ever heard.  I am not the type to be overly enthralled by the “obvious” beautiful voice… I like those voices that are subtle in their artistry and intonations. Jim, while it is obvious to most ears that he is a good singer, has this subtlety and poignancy in his delivery that I, as a vocalist, find captivating.  He is actually the lead singer of a local Youngstown area band called, “Jones For Revival”.  While the tracks on their page show all to be talented musicians, they aren’t really showing how incredible of a vocalist that Jim is.  Hearing his voice only accompanied by his acoustic was a real treat.  But I’ll stop now…

The Great Jim DeCapua
Singer’s View of The Lemon Grove
Ceiling Mural at The Lemon Grove
Wall Art at The Lemon Grove
Erisa Rei and Erik Ferguson in Youngstown, OH

After Youngstown, we made it to our last stop in Fort Wayne, IN, at a fairly new venue called “The Yellow Bird”.  The room has great acoustics and the owner met us enthusiastically.  It’s always nice to be greeted kindly, especially at the end of a long trip.  The lights were so bright that our cells were taking poor pictures.  If only my nice camera hadn’t ran out of battery, or in other words, “if only I hadn’t stupidly left my camera on and the battery ran out”….

But here are a few of that final day:

Erik signing posters…
Snoozy, the Hybrid Honda Civic that took us thousands of miles on 45-50 mpg.



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