Leon Russell Concert Tonight- Thoroughly Excited!!!

I grew up in a bubble.  I didn’t listen to a lot of what was called “secular” music in my church.  Their version of “secular” meant anything that wasn’t in the Christian/Gospel genre.  Therefore, until 2 years ago, I hadn’t heard of Leon Russell.  (I haven’t heard of a lot of people.  5 years ago, I didn’t know who Quincy Jones was, to the horror of the person I was talking to.)  My music culture knowledge is pretty low, but I’ve spent time learning and listening for the past few years out of necessity.  I am, after all, in the music industry. 🙂

Anyway, two years ago, I was watching Mad Dogs & Englishmen on Youtube.  And I noticed this piano player.  I was thoroughly impressed by his incredible piano playing and style.   Looking at the comments, I learned that he was Leon Russell.  I watched every single one of the videos from Mad Dogs & Englishmen, more intrigued by him than Joe Cocker, (whom I also admire.)  Then I found the Homewood Sessions and watched those probably 6 times each.  I found his version of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” for the Concert for Bangladesh and love it. I show it to all of my music friends, some of whom share my enthusiasm and some who politely listen.  All of this should pretty much tell you that I LOVE his music.  I don’t have a lot of time to listen as much as I would like, since I have 5 children that I home school, as well as my own music and a house to take care of.
But I’ve been looking for a concert of his close to home ever since I saw that video.  Anytime that he has been within 100 miles of me, I find that I can’t go.  But in August… In August the family and I were walking in downtown Franklin, TN, and I noticed advertisement on the Franklin Theatre that he was going to be playing there.   I went to check on ticket prices and realized that it was almost sold out already, so I grabbed the last two tickets that were seated next to each other.  I don’t think it was long after my purchase that the entire show sold out.

So today is the day.  I can’t begin to express how thrilled I am to be going.  I don’t get that way about most people’s music.  I can think of two people that I would get this freaked out about.  Ray LaMontagne is one and Leon Russell is the other.  I am taking one of my daughters with me.  She is equally excited.  I’ll take some pictures and post about it.  If I have a big goofy grin in all of them, you’ll know why.
Most people know Leon for this song, “A Song For You”:


And leave it to me to have one of his less popular songs to be my favorite.  This is “Shootout On the Plantation”:


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