The Story of Getting Signed By a Label

For a handful of years now, I’ve worked hard on my music, especially this past year with the release of my album, “Black Ball”. In May, I was told by an industry rep at a meeting to keep doing what I was doing, because one never knew who could be in your audience, no matter how small or large the gig. I don’t that he realized how true and how soon his words would be true for me.


About a month earlier, I was offered a gig in Franklin, TN, at Franklin Mercantile Deli near the end of May. A fellow artist had double-booked herself and I was asked to step in. A few other artists had been asked, but none were available to take it. I gladly did, as I had wanted to play at the Deli for some time. But still, keep in mind that I wasn’t “supposed” to be there.


I was playing two sets that night. In the middle of my second one, Fred Cannon, came up to me, introduced himself, bought a CD, and told me that he worked for a major publishing rights company. To be perfectly honest, it wasn’t the first time that someone had told me that they or someone close to them worked for a publishing rights company or that they were a producer or that they knew somebody who knew somebody who worked at a label. I live near Nashville. This happens at nearly every gig I go to & rarely does someone follow through with anything. Naturally, I didn’t take Fred too seriously, just because of this happening so often.


After the gig, as my husband and I were carrying my stuff out to the car, Fred stopped me and said that the lovely lady with him, (Rose Drake,) was a co-owner with him for their label, Creative & Dreams. Also with them was their producer for the label, Paul Buono. Right there, Fred asked me to do a demo for him the next night. I did and also sang some background vocals for their artist, Chastity Brown.


Fred also talked about destiny at that table, not even realizing how fated everything was, since I was not the original artist booked for the evening at the Deli. Apparently, Fred, Rose and Paul decided to forgo their usual restaurant of choice and went to the Deli because Paul enjoyed it. They also had been discussing on the way there and as they were sitting down how there was NO WAY that they could add another artist to their roster. However, as soon as Fred was about to sit down outside to eat, he heard me singing, thinking that it was the radio. When he discovered that I was singing live, he came into the venue to talk to me.


Things got very busy for everyone from that point on. Fast-forwarding to September, I was at the Americana Music Festival in the hotel lobby where the festival headquarters were located. It was lunch break and I had decided to head out of the hotel. As I was walking out, Fred was walking in. Rose was tucked away in the lobby too, where I didn’t see her, as well as some other people affiliated with the label. We chatted a bit that afternoon, as well as the next day.


Within a week’s time, I received a phone call from Fred, asking me to join their label, with an artist deal and a co-publishing deal. I accepted. 🙂 I am thrilled, excited, nervous and especially thankful about it. I am really blessed to be part of such a great team of people. There are so many factors that fell into place for the destiny of this moment to have happened. If I hadn’t taken the Deli gig…. If Fred, Rose and Paul had decided to eat elsewhere…. If I had decided to walk out or Fred had walked in a minute later into the hotel at the Festival… NONE of this would have happened. I really feel that destiny was intertwined in the fabric of these happenstances. I am truly grateful and thankful.


You can also watch this video to LISTEN to a shortened version of the story:


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