My Family

For the last couple of years, I’ve held back on giving much personal information out, as far as my family goes.  I have my reasons for doing it- mostly because I wanted to protect them from creeps.  However, I’ve found in doing so that I’ve kept people from knowing who I really am. 

I am:

1. The wife of Eric, also fondly called E or “Hubby”.  We’ll have been married for 15 years in February. ❤

2. The mom of Lilly (13,) Aggie (11,) Arden (10,) Liam (7,) and Sean (4).

3. We live on 6.17 acres in the beautiful hills of middle TN.  I like to garden when I have the energy, can the produce and hopefully start getting some more fruit trees and eventually chickens.

4.  I home school my 5 children.  I’ll be teaching my youngest child to read pretty soon. 

5. I do music on the side.  I love it. It is an excellent stress reliever most of the time and a good diversion/balance to being at home most of the time.

I’ll be making a vlog soon about the farm and the family.

Here is a pic of my treasures:



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