Rest, But Not REALLY…

I did my only scheduled gig for February last Friday night at Two Old Hippies.  Steve Hardesty of SNS Pro Audio came and did footage of the entire show.  I can’t wait to see it!  It will be available within the next month or so, maybe less.  I think that the gig went really well, plus the stage at Two Old Hippies is incredible.  It should be great footage.

Anyway, I could say that I’ll be getting some “rest”, but really it is just a little bit more time that I’ll be gaining.  I have a lot of booking to do.  That always takes up HOURS of my time- with the planning and emailing/calling.  I have at least one songwriting session to do.  And I have a lot of practicing to do too for the gigs coming up in March and April.  Then there is going to Nashville 4 times a week 4 hours or so each time for ballet classes for the kids.

So, there is more time, but not really more “rest”. Who needs rest?  I would be bored anyway. 🙂


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