Spring Garden Plans

Over the past couple of weeks we have been debating about moving closer to Nashville, since we take 8-10 trips there a week.  But there are few things stopping us from doing that, so we have decided that we are going to stay where we are at.  One of the reasons foremost in my mind, and perhaps silly to some people, is the fact that for the past 5 years I’ve been working, (slowly,) at making our little patch of land more sustainable.  We’ve had battles with deer that have cost us over $1000 in the garden and with fruit trees/bushes that they have eaten & destroyed.  But I’ve finally gotten where I know how to keep them out. (They were very persistent and to this day I see a deer and cannot conjure up a pleasant thought about them.)  We’ve gotten to the place where we’ll have a huge crop of figs, some blackberries and a healthy garden.  We can now get herbs from our herb garden all year round.  I’ll have a crop of asparagus this year.  We’re hoping that this will be the year that Aggie’s plum tree finally blossoms.  We’ve been waiting for almost 4 years, but I’ve heard that plums take longer than most trees.

Another reason I feel that we shouldn’t move is that I want to instill in my children the ability to be content where you are at.  Our house is small.  7 of us live in 1375 sq. ft.  We have 1 and 2/3 baths, (only one toilet,) and 3 bedrooms.  We aren’t lacking in any way.  It gets noisy sometimes and there are sometimes lines for the toilet.  But we’re healthy and doing well.  While a house near Nashville would save us money on gas, our house isn’t ready to sell.  Plus, I like memories.  We’ve built some memories here, some good and some bad.  I don’t like the shuffle that moving brings… the readjusting, the packing, the money worries that come with moving.  So we’re staying. 🙂

Because we had thought that we’d be moving, I had set aside any garden plans that a new year would have brought.  Now I’m having to re-organize all of my plans.  I need to go through seed catalogs again.  I need to pick out a few trees to plant.  I am getting a filbert bush too.  Blueberry bushes are definitely on the list.  I’m also going to be putting a wood fence around our garden, (to keep the deer out.)  There are plans to fix up the inside of the house too.  While my gypsy heart loves to travel, I also love home and stability.  But really home is wherever my family is.

Here are some garden pics from previous years, if you are interested:

Rosemary from our herb garden.  (Picture taken in 2012.)
Rosemary from our herb garden. (Picture taken in 2012.)
Garlic from 2012
Garlic from 2012
Tomatoes (2011)
Tomatoes (2011)
Banana peppers from 2011
Banana peppers from 2011

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