“Black Ball”

In 2009 and 2010 I was still trying to pursue Christian music.  I even went as far as recording a 2-disc/18-song project.  But by the time the tracks were finished, I was heartbroken and to disappointed to continue to do it.  I didn’t do much promoting, except offering it for free on home-burned CDs.  There was a month where I decided to not do music anymore.  I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was doing something wrong.  So for a month I tossed and turned at night & felt a bit anxious during the day until I had a “duh” moment.  I was getting gigs.  I was getting interest in my music. It was just that 90% of the interest wasn’t in the Christian genre.  I was playing bars, restaurants, and coffeehouses, and getting play on non-Christian radio.

I approached my husband about it, worried that he wouldn’t want me to record so soon after the other project. I told him my feelings on the situation and was surprised to learn that he was all for it, even though recording for the last one was just finished a couple of months before.  So I began writing…  It was a new adventure to write in a completely different genre.

From March-May and September-October 2011, I recorded my new album, which I dubbed “Black Ball”.  And on January 3, 2012, I officially released it as an independent artist.  It charted well on national and international roots and Americana radio charts.  After I was signed to Creative and Dreams in October, it was re-leased under their label in January 2013.  It has gotten more airtime, both nationally and internationally.



You can purchase “Black Ball” digitally at the following links:



Creative and Dreams

I’ll be posting more about “Black Ball” soon! 🙂


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