“Gypsy In the Desert”

“Gypsy In the Desert” is the first track from my album, “Black Ball”.  You can purchase “Black Ball”  HERE!

I have always felt that I don’t quite fit into society’s norms, (and I’m happy with that.)  When I wrote “Gypsy…”, I had just come to the realization that many people that I knew weren’t going to fully accept me “as is”.  They wanted me to go to church, them even going to the extremes that I was no longer a Christian because I didn’t go.  They wanted me to speak as they wanted me to speak, act according to their dictates and look like their “acceptable” mold.  Thus the line, “my family didn’t want me anymore/ ‘cuz I was too freaky for their taste/ Told me to leave out the back door/ Cuz’ I wouldn’t fit in their fake.”  Sorry, but there is a lot of “fake” out there… in churches, in the workplace, in society.  I will not be anything, except what I am. That is something that I really try to bring across in my life and in my songs… the raw, real aspect.  I try to do what I feel is right… following God’s direction. When I can’t be accepted for being me unless I change, I don’t conform. This makes me feel like an outsider oftentimes.  So I wrote “Gypsy…” in a moment when I felt a little bit alone, but still determined to do what my heart was telling me to, traveling life’s road one step at a time, whether people agree or not.

I am a spiritual gypsy walking through the desert places, trying my best to be a good influence on my environment.  I “shine my light” through the method of song.  Not in a blaringly obvious way, but in the way that only I can.


I’ll be going through each of the songs on “Black Ball”, so keep looking!


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