I Got Some S’plainin’ To Do…

To write a song that pertains to your life, you have to use the circumstances that happened in your life to create said song. For example, if you were say… my husband, and I love you, then I would write a song about us. Another example, if you were a jerk to me, chances are that will end up in one of my songs. The thing about people being jerks is that I include myself in that statement and none of my songs are about ONE particular incident or ONE particular person, (except the ones about my husband or children.) They generally are a conglomeration of events that have happened. I like to ruminate on happenstances, as in why they happened and how I can prevent said circumstances from happening again. Sometimes it takes me awhile to figure it all out, just because I don’t like to bury problems. Some problems are quick and easy, others take more time to dig through and some are a waste of my time.

All this to say… It takes time to get a song all packaged up and ready for distribution to the point where YOU hear it. Something/ some things may happen YEARS before that which inspired me to write a particular song(s). When I get all of my feelings sorted out enough to write, sometimes it will be immediately and sometimes it may be months or in a few occasions, years. Then I have to wait for the right time to record it… money-wise, timing-wise, business-wise… THEN, after it is recorded it is a 4 to 6 month process until everything is taken care of technically and packaged up all pretty for you to buy and hear. (Or burn illegally. 😉 ) That means from experience to your listening ears, it could be anywhere from 2-5 years from start to finish for songs to get to the point where you hear them on an officially released album of mine.

SO… If you still think that I am in a rut or “can’t get over the past”, please reconsider your quick judgment just because of what I just told you. TWO TO FIVE YEARS! While I can’t change the past, I do sing about it, because it is real and it “happened”, just not exactly as my songs say. My songs are the gist of my experiences told in a way that can allude to anyone’s experiences and therefore relateable to the masses. I’ve found out long ago that my past life experiences and current circumstances are a little bit different, (as in kinda freaky strange,) from the norm, so I have to adjust to make it work. Hopefully this will calm down a few people, so as I continue to talk about my songs in my blogs, they can relax and know that it is ALL good. 😀


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