“Swing Back To Home”

The third track on “Black Ball” is the song “Swing Back to Home”.  It’s a song that I wrote to my husband.  I’d always had trouble writing love songs.  I always felt like that they came out corny and trite at the end of writing them.  A couple of years ago I was finally able to express what I was feeling about our relationship.  No relationship is perfect, but E and I have always tried to be honest with each other, even if it was tough love.  We also try really hard to communicate.  We’ve been through some rough stuff together, emotionally and financially, but we both realize how much we love each other.  So every time things get rough we “swing back to home” and everything that home represents: family, love, memories.  The root of our relationship is our love for each other and that’s what we always go back to.



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