Like Dominoes

“Like Dominoes” is the fourth track on “Black Ball”.  I wrote this song when I heard someone say the phrase “like dominoes”.  When I sat down and wrote this song, I was thinking about a few of my friends going through divorces at that time.  Sometimes when there are impossible bridges to cross in relationships or we build relationships on ideals, all of the pieces that we put up in hopes for something stable, aren’t.  If they aren’t rooted in something substantial then all of the hopes and plans all fall down like an arrangement of dominoes, one tiny thing can start a whole succession of things falling apart.  If the roots are deep they won’t fall down, but if they aren’t things quickly fall apart.  This is sad, but sometimes it is easier to just leave the pieces down than try again and that is what every couple has to decide to do.  “Pick up the pieces or let them they lay where they fall”…

P.S.  This song isn’t based on my own life nor do I judge anyone who has gone through a divorce.


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