“News To See”

I hate gossip.  I hate what it does to people, whether they are the ones speaking it or the one being gossiped about.  I also find that some gossip only has a little bit of truth or it has the truth twisted into whatever story that the speaker perceives is the truth.  Gossip does no one good.  That’s why I wrote the song, “News To See”, the fifth track on my album, “Black Ball”.  I wrote it in a playful voice, making up ridiculous stories with charmingly strange characters, so that the humor of it would take away the sting of truth in it.

Gossip has affected everyone in this planet.  It has hurt, torn down friendships,  and maligned character.  We’ve all been victims and we’re all guilty of gossiping mouths accompanied by itching ears. So, hopefully my little ditty will have some impact, even if it is fun in feel.

You can also watch this video of me performing “News To See” as a trio. 🙂


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