Sojourn Band

This is the 9th track on “Black Ball” and my personal favorite.  It is a song about learning through life’s experiences and having hope.  Life is a sojourn… a constant journey to the end of our lives and beyond.  There will be good times and bad ones.  What is important is how we deal with the hard ones.  Picking ourselves up out of the dirt and giving ourselves a pep talk can be difficult.  If we keep in mind that there is always some good that comes from it, then we can continue down life’s path and sing along with its song- whether mournful, angst-ridden or jubilant.

I remember how suddenly I got the lyrics to the chorus.  “The pendulum swings to find the middle/The sparrow falls so she can land/New strings are tuned on worn out fiddles/As the fiddler plucks their strands/To play with the sojourn band.”  I was making breakfast in my kitchen for my family and an out-of-state guest.  I literally stopped mixing the dough for scones and typed a little note on my phone.  I felt that this little tidbit had significance and meaning.

This song means a lot to me. Not only is it beautifully played and produced, the lyrics once again come from observing other people in their struggles, as well as my own experiences.  I was kicked while I was down and I’m sure that I did the same to others.  But one of my goals in life is to be there for those who have been kicked down.  If that happens via my music, my example, my blog posts, my friendship, my life in general, I will die a contented woman.  I will have fulfilled a lifetime goal… one that requires my treading the path life takes me while playing with the Sojourn Band.


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