Myth: All Entertainers are Extroverts

People have been surprised lately when they find out I am an introvert.  They assume that I am extroverted because my job is in front of a lot of people.  While 33-50% of the population are introverts, people still equate those that are in the “spotlight” as solely extroverts.  Many also believe that entertainers only seek the stage for power and fame, but that is another myth that I will refute in another blog.

The truth is, since there is a high percentage of introverts on this planet, it is pretty safe to assume that there is probably a good percentage of performers and entertainers that are introverts.  Being introverted doesn’t mean that you are a hermit, spending all of your time within the walls of your home, rarely speaking publicly and never INTENTIONALLY getting on a stage to perform.   In reality, introverts are those people who have to be alone to get re-energized, while extroverts would find that easier going to the local bar or coffee shop.  Introverts don’t mind being around people, as long as they aren’t forced to go beyond their comfort zones.  For every introvert and extrovert there is that line; it is just closer to themselves with introverts.

I am shy when I first meet people.  I find small talk awkward and would rather get to the meat of a conversation.  I will say “hi” to a few people that I know or even introduce myself to those I don’t, just to push myself a little bit.  After that initial shyness wears off, I am fairly sociable.  Now here’s the kicker:  I don’t always enjoy the spotlight.

I’m an “entertainer” and I don’t always enjoy it.  Of course, I really don’t think of myself as an entertainer, although in the definition of what I do, I am.  I enjoy the artistry more… the creation of a song…. the beauty of a harmonic sound….  the mystery that a minor key emotes.  I love sharing my heart through my music.  I love the sense of community that music can and should always bring- that sense of oneness, if even for a brief moment.  Music is relational.  That’s why I do it.  That’s why I HAVE to do it. It is part of my life’s purpose.




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