A Little About Destiny

There have been doors closed in my music career that I haven’t understood why they were closed, because they were noble causes. Sometimes I grieve a little bit as I look back at those blocked passages. But they were paths that I tried to force… unnatural and unwanted.

When I turned around, I looked at the dim future with squinted eyes, not knowing what was ahead. It took awhile for my eyes to adjust. Always, my path is only illuminated a step or two ahead of me. It takes faith and courage.

So, I step forward, in the here-and-now, finding peace because there is hope. The present is what is tangible; the only thing I can truly see.

It looks a bit different than I thought it would. I’m wearing a different set of clothes than before. They were uncomfortable at first, but the clothes had my name on them; they are woven with experiences and threaded with wisdom. I gladly wear them, as I walk with more confidence than I ever thought I could muster. This is my destiny.


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