Regrets, If Only’s, and Because Of’s

I was thinking today about regret.  In my life, regret comes too late.  If we would have that ominous feeling before we did something or said something or made a choice, we probably would have not done or said the things that we did.  Looking back at my life, it has plenty of “if onlies”.  “If only” I would have never answered that ad on Craig’s List….  “If only” I was wiser about some of the things that I know now….  “If only” I would have seen this situation in a different light sooner….

But without these “if only’s”, we wouldn’t have regrets.  And without regret, we wouldn’t see how we need to change.  If we choose to swallow pride, then we can change.  When we choose this change, then we can embrace the “because of’s”.  Because of my bad choices in a situation, I am a wiser, stronger person.  That’s when you can look at the regrets and if-only’s and find peace.

“The pendulum swings to find the middle

The sparrow falls so she can land

New strings are tuned on worn-out fiddles

As the fiddler plucks their strands

To play with the sojourn band….”


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