On Communities Becoming Insular

Being part of a healthy community is great. There you find people that support you, and encourage you in whatever your heart loves. Everyone (should) help each other out if there ever is a need or a problem. In a healthy community, everyone is included. New people join in, because there is a lot of love and acceptance that everyone needs. However, I have found that healthy communities are few, and far-between. They may have started out as a good idea, or a good work, but usually most healthy communities either fizzle out from lack of hope, or people within them try to gain control through manipulation and weeding out what they think is the weakest link or is the biggest threat to their seniority.

This happens when the “old crowd” gets too comfortable with their own illusions of who they think that they are. If anything different is thrown into the regular mix, it makes them uncomfortable. If the thing/person that is different makes them look not as awesome as they think they are, they will go out of their way to discredit this person. If the thing/person that is different doesn’t meet whatever standard they have created, (whether verbal or non-verbal,) then that person is ignored or blown off, left to the fringes of the so-called “awesome” society.

To have a community that thrives, one that incites change in its environment, and pushes people to create better things, you have to be inclusive. There can’t be rigid pecking orders. If there have been the same damn people being the big shots for years, and they haven’t moved onto higher goals and accomplishments, then the community is stifled. If there isn’t an inclusion of different colors, (whether of skin, style, social class,) then the community is stagnate. If the community looks the same as it did years before, without an improvement, then the community is dying a slow death. The big shots will grow old, bored, or quit. The “middle class” will find something else to garner its attention. The “poor”, or those not included in the community, will have moved on, and found a place with more fertile soil to grow in. (Perhaps becoming better/more successful than the big shots of the insular community that they were pushed out of.)

Communities have to evolve or they will die out. People have to allow change, let go of the reins, and shake off pride. Otherwise, things become droll, mundane, and lifeless. However, a community that opens itself up to new ideas, to new people, and to new ways, will incite a true revolution. A true revolution can’t be denied, because its aftershocks affect generations. GENERATIONS!

A community becoming insular will self-implode. A community growing exponentially, because of INCLUSION, will outwardly explode into true revolution, and the world will feel it roar.


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