Love Story- Part 2

“I’ll never marry a girl who wears men’s clothes,” he said to me, a cocky smirk on his lips.

“Well, I guess you aren’t supposed to marry me,” I retorted back in my sassy, self-assured way.

That was a conversation between my now-husband and me, about a year before we started dating.

Fast-forward, to May 1997, to a trip the mime team was taking to a nursing home. We had done our pieces and I was heading out the door, when I noticed Eric praying with an elderly woman. I had the thought that Eric would make a good husband to someone. I didn’t think about myself with that thought though. I had known Eric all my life. He seemed like a nice guy, a bit cheesy in his humor, but a kind soul. Despite my wondering if he had a girlfriend when I was ten years old, I hadn’t thought of him that way as a high schooler.

Some people have special spiritual moments in their life, when God seems to speak to them, and give them some sort of epiphany that changes their life. That day, I had never heard the voice of God seem to speak to me so strongly. I know that this revelation may freak people out, but I am so sure of hearing from God that day that I’ll risk it. I was walking to the church van, when I heard the words, “You’re going to marry Eric Kopp.” At that very moment, Eric was walking in front of me. It was like he had a spotlight on him.

A week later, he went out on a date with my friend, who later that year became our county fair queen. She is beautiful, sweet, kind, and giving. I started to doubt what I heard a bit…. Already. But he only went out on one date with her. He told me later that it just didn’t feel right.

A month later, in June, the mime team was on another trip. This time we were headed to Indiana to tape our mime performances for a children’s show there. On the way there, I found that I was seated directly in front of Eric. So, I turned around and he talked to me the entire way up, about 3 hours. On the way back, everyone pretty much sat in the same seat. Eric talked to me on the way back to. I listened.

A funny happening that occurred on the way back was another team member asking Eric if he had found his wife yet. (Everyone knew he was looking.) I remember thinking, “Me!”, when this person asked this. I didn’t react though. I’m not a flirt. I never have been. The extent of my not flirting in high school resulted in a rumor going around that I might possibly be interested in females instead of males. The real truth was that I didn’t want to toy around with anyone, except the person I was meant to be with. I didn’t flirt with anyone, because I believe that flirting can be manipulative and sometimes misleading. I don’t think it is nice to do that to people. I didn’t then either. I wasn’t going to resort to flirting with Eric to capture him. I was just going to be myself. I knew what God told me. I knew that He would take care of it. He did.

Within one week, Eric called me to ask me out on a date. The reason he thought of me? I listened to him- like, REALLY listened, as if I cared. That impressed him enough to call me.


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