IndieVille TV Taping

Today I got the privilege of getting interviewed on IndieVille TV, which will be aired in Nashville and Chattanooga, beginning in 2015.

This morning, I squeezed into my black pleather skirt, did my hair, put on a make-up face, and then headed to Nashville for the taping.  When I arrived, a few other bands had already started their interviews. Most were really edgy, cool kids.  Then there was me… home-schooling Mom of 5, dirt-under-my-non-manicured-and-unpainted-gardener fingernails, canning-for-the-apocalypse-that-isn’t-here, kind-of lady.

Right before the interview, I met Tabitha, a spunky redhead who is one of the show’s hosts.  She’s a sweet gal too.  Then I went directly into the interview and promoted my music, my video and also plugged the the label I’m signed to, Creative & Dreams.

Here are a couple of pics that were taken right after the interview:

IndieVille 1

IndieVille 2

Here is a little video about my thoughts afterwards:

I’ll update you when it airs!


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