Simple Stuff

I’m always thinking about simplicity. I’d even say I’m slightly obsessed with it, which in and of itself is contradictory.

Here I am after Christmas, and for the first time I don’t feel overwhelmed with STUFF, and where to put it. Last December, I started purging my house of “stuff”. I have always seemed minimalist to some people, but I know that I am far from my goals still. However, the past year’s purging has made things easier for me, not only with the move, but also after the holidays.

Granted, I love my antique dishes. You will have to pry them out of my cold, dead hands. That, or there will be a very large estate sale after my death that will mostly consist of antiques. Some women buy shoes. I buy plates. And books.

The move to IL helped me get rid of some stuff. I feel that there is more to get rid of. Thinking back on the boxes of “stuff” we moved, a majority was kitchen stuff, dishes, and books. If we didn’t have those boxes, I think that we’d probably only have maybe a dozen. (We are a family of seven, so that really isn’t too bad.) Regardless, we moved to TN in a smallish-sized moving van, plus a couple of straggler boxes.

There are other ways, I’m thinking of simpler things. I’m sitting here in my smallish home, and besides missing my husband who is in another state working, I love it. We are 7 people, living in a 1100 sq. ft. home. The yard is small, but workable for a garden. The mortgage is halfway paid off and with a decent job, is manageable. It’s pretty and suits our needs. Besides missing a family member, we are content.

It has made me think of our culture, and how we have neglected the “less is more” approach. My great-grandma was the oldest of ten kids. Her family lived in a 2-bedroom house that couldn’t have been over 1000 sq. ft. But her family was close. Every summer they would hold a family reunion. My great-grandma lived a happy life filled with family. She had her share of heartbreak, but she died like I want to. 91 years old, her heart giving out while eating a piece of chocolate. Seriously can’t think of a better way to go…

I’ve felt this pull to the simple for a few years. I’ve gotten rid of the garbage in my house, and in my soul too. I will still be cleansing our home. I’m always asking God to cleanse my soul. The extra baggage in the form of hateful people has been shaken off. We truly have peace.

I know me. I’ll still get antsy and impatient about things. I’ll still go into an antique store and buy myself some plates. But I’ll still be that same Erisa who is constantly digging her roots in deeper, always searching for truth. Right now I’m finding it in the “less” and the “simple”.


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