I’m apparently on a thinking spree, as of late. Here is another boring excerpt from the brain of Erisa Rei.

Everyone across the world, with the exception of remote locations, realizes we live in a digitalized age. While, I like some of the conveniences that this era has brought, I am not content with it. I feel that there is a lack of personality with it, a sterile quality. But I will say that it is so very nice to quickly write an e-mail to someone and have them receive it immediately.

However, if I were forced to choose a preference between the two, I would choose the inconvenient route of a handwritten letter. This is because I feel that e-mails and texts are notorious for making it hard to tell emotion. I also believe that they are generally devoid of personality. Even if one inserts emoticons into the message, the receiver is still getting a generic yellow face smiling at them. A cut and paste society… That is another train of thought, I will probably dive into later.

Imagine if you were told that you had to write a letter for someone, and that the letter had to show your personality; that at the end of it, someone had to know the real you in a better way. Some people would probably just scribble something non-descript down on a piece of white paper with a pencil or a black pen, shove it into a generic envelope, and mail it out. But if they were told that they would get something out of it, if they took the time to put themselves into it, most would at least put some sort of effort into it.

Now imagine yourself doing this. Where would you sit? A desk? A table? And the couch with a book to use for a hard surface? What kind of paper would you use? A notecard set? Computer paper? Lined paper? Artisan paper? What would you write with? A pencil? A Bic pen? A colored pen? A fountain pen? What would you say? Would you be an open book or mysteriously closed up? Would you be stoic or romantic? Simple or verbose?

Finally imagine the person receiving the letter. They would, in essence, be receiving a piece of you. This piece of you would only be a faint thrum in any ordinary e-mail or text that our society uses on a daily basis now. But with a handwritten letter, they have a taste of you revealed by each of your choices that you made concerning paper, writing instrument, and writing style, not to mention your handwriting.

I admit that I am somewhat of a romantic, and that is probably why I consider letter-writing an art. However, I wonder if more people would take the time to write someone a nice letter, if there would be less self-centeredness in our society as a whole. There would probably be closer friendships, and stronger romantic ones.

I don’t think that letter writing will change the world. I don’t even think that it is even close to being a main contender for earth-shaking change. But it is a tiny step in reinforcing community. I think it is one that I am going to take up, regardless if anyone else follows suit.


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