A couple of years ago, I wrote a song for my husband called, “About Love” and played it to him on our anniversary.  Soon after, I had it demo’ed.  It sat there in what I dub my “demo bank”, never really fitting into any specific project. About a month ago, I decided to just get it recorded and release it as a digital-only single.  “About Love” is not a single for a future music project.  It just is.  It exists, in and of itself- no strings attached. 🙂

It’s now available on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, and GooglePlay.


Erisa Rei Cover

Lyrics and Music by Erisa Rei Kopp

Produced by Paul Buono at Helsinki South.

Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, and lap steel- Paul Buono

Drums- Steve Brewster

All vocals by Erisa Rei

Copyright 2013 Creative & Dreams Music Network/Pesky Fly Music


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