Unknown Blues Singer


Imagine a black woman in an era where there was not only inequality concerning race, but also between genders.  The song sounds like it is probably from the late 30’s/early 40’s. (At least I am guessing from the style.)  If I am correct about the era, then this woman also lived in a time of war when our country was living on rations, saving money for the war our soldiers were in.  This woman walks into a studio to sing a song that could possibly change her life.  One song is all she got, and she sang it well.

Her name isn’t on the record. Who is she?  Did she make it?  Did her chance to change her life slip through her fingers?

The song’s name is “Time Haunts”.  Was it an ironic coincidence that she was forced to remember time and time again?

What an incredible discovery all these years later.  I think she’s awesome.


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