Erisa Rei Homegrown- Ep. 2 (Into the Jar)

Here is the second episode of my new vlog series, “Erisa Rei Homegrown”.  This time I ventured out into my garden.   As my plants come up, I’ll show different things about actually growing them, harvesting them, and preserving/eating them. I was so far behind in planting that I had to get most of it done in one day.  I still have to plant a few things, so I’ll try to get a video about those vegetable specifically. Here is this one for now:

The longer I do this video thing, hopefully the better I’ll get at actually showing people how to do things.  I’m still learning about the video editing program; and I have a last minute mini-tour that I’m putting together.  (Plus I was in the middle of another HUGE project for my music fans.)  I’m reallllly busy right now.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Erisa Rei


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