Slow Down

Slow Down

Sometimes when you’ve been going hard for a while, you need a break. And if you’ve been going hard for a while AND you have a lot of stress, you definitely need a break. And finally, if you’ve been going hard for a while AND you have a lot of stress AND you find yourself in need of a major life change, it is absolutely necessary for you to get a break. This is especially true if you have decisions that need to be made and you are an indecisive, creative person who has a million ideas for every direction that you can possibly take.

That above person was me for many a year. Together, my husband and I decided to remove as much of the said stress from our lives as possible. We decided to move back to IL. The time off from music, (mostly,) has been very nice. As a result, we have been able to recuperate, rally our emotions and as I like to put it, be like Popeye & eat some soul spinach. It has helped our family heal up.

The “slow down” has been wonderful. I’ve been able to focus on a couple of areas that I felt were a bit weak, but necessary in my music game. I’ve also gotten quite a few ideas and have tested a couple of things out. The time off has helped me shuffle through all of my ideas, get introspective, and decide what was best for me, not only as an artist, but also as a person.

That being said, I’m going back to the studio in September. I released a single in February, just as a little gift in honor of my husband, but aside from that, and an unofficially released song, I haven’t released any new music since 2012. I feel it is time to change that.

In March and April, I started on a journey of a Youtube series called, “Erisa Rei Homegrown”, and calling my style of music, “homegrown blues”. In essence, it is blues-based music with some soul styling, and a rural country vibe.

I grew up on a farm in central IL, surrounded by horses, alfalfa fields, and open skies. I watched my Great-Grandma, maternal and paternal Grandmas, and Mom cook from scratch, and can produce from their gardens. I followed my Dad around the farm as he did his chores, worked with the farm animals, and did his yearly garden. I ran around outside barefoot playing, because we didn’t have air-conditioning, and it was cooler than in the house. I would go with my maternal and paternal Grandpas to the county fairs all over IL, learning all I could about racing harness horses, helping with rolling up bandages, and eating ham sandwiches from the cooler. I remember drinking iced tea from the canning jars, and washing my hands after I ate with the washcloths that my Grandma packed in hot water in the other jars. I am “homegrown”. Everyone is “homegrown” in their own way, but this is so much at the core of who I am and what has been emanating from my music, as of late. I knew that I had to incorporate it into the description of my music.

I’m so excited about the 6 songs I’m going to record in September. It may be all I release next spring, due to money. Because of the urgency of our move, we still own two houses. This will not be alleviated until sometime next year. We have 5 kids and one income… lots of mouths to feed. However, I would really like to release a 10-12 song project. I was going to do a Kickstarter fundraiser for it, but every time I start planning one, I get an uneasy feeling about it.

So instead, I’m going to ask this: If you really want to help me in pursuing my music, you can do one or more of the following.

  1. Follow me at the following links:






  1. If you have ever bought my music or I have sent it to you, please go review it at the iTunes store, Amazon store, GooglePlay, or CD Baby store.
  1. If you have never bought my music, PLEASE go buy one or two of my songs on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, or CDBaby.
  1. Come to my shows. I have some in IL and WI coming up.
  1. Tell your friends about my music. Word of mouth recommendation is the best way to spread my music around.

I’m going to continue on this “homegrown” path as far as it takes me, but I definitely need your help. ❤

I’ll post some pics of me growing up “homegrown” very soon!


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