Growing Up Homegrown

In my last post, I said that I would put up some pics of me growing up in the country.  Here they are! 🙂


The above picture was at my grandparents’ Standardbred horse farm.  This swing was on a huge Kentucky Coffee tree right next to the house that Grandpa built.  They lived on 120+ acres of woods, fields, and pasture.  The Sangamon River ran through their property.


This is also at my Grandparents’ farm.  (We lived on the property next to theirs.)  One time I got into the pasture with their wildest stallion!

IMG_0373 IMG_0375

These two pics were also taken at my Grandparents’ farm.  My Dad took these photos.  They mean a lot to me. (So does my Dad.)


I believe that this was at a county fair.  I couldn’t tell you which one, as every year we went to several while traveling the state of Illinois’ harness racing circuit.


My Dad also took this pic.  This was on our property.  We had 20+ acres.   Dad built a house on the property after we lived in a ramshackle abode for a couple of years.


This is me helping my Dad in the garden.  I followed him around everywhere. Rosco Bosco is the dog in the background.  He didn’t live very long, unfortunately.  The road we lived on was rather dangerous.


On this fishing trip with my Dad, I was the only one who caught something.  It was a pretty puny, little Sunfish.

Sometime I’ll dig through the photos and try to find some of the harness horses. 🙂


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