Free Song- Sacred Polka

SACREDPOLKACOVERFIX.jpgI have a new song available on Noisetrade called “Sacred Polka”. It’s just me and my acoustic guitar. I recorded it last year not too long before we moved back to IL.

About the song: I wrote “Sacred Polka” in 2010. At the time I was thinking about a person who was trying to make a name for herself, but wasn’t showing her true face to people. She was trying to act pious, but was playing a lot of games and trying to live up to all of the lies that she had built up about herself. She was actually a church leader of a church that I no longer attended, and deemed herself untouchable or “sacred”. I was trying to come up with a word that would sound ridiculous with “sacred” and figured that “polka” fit that pretty well, as it was as awkward as the situation.

Then I remembered something that happened to me back in 1997 when I was in Pasadena, CA, at a dance intensive. (I used to be a decent ballerina.) It was a Christian dance intensive and we were supposed to be lying on the floor contemplating on God. It just so happened that there was a recording studio on the floor above that recorded a lot of mariachi music. So, we were “meditating”, and it was very quiet, when suddenly very loud mariachi music came on. My roommate and I started giggling, while the others were trying to remain serious in the hilarious situation.

I linked the two situations… So often we try to be so serious and pious about things that we really should relax about. The only things that we should take seriously are others’ needs over our own, instead of our needs over other people’s. Our postulating for power and saving face oftentimes supersedes the simplicity of living in selfless love. So… don’t dance to the sacred polka. grin emoticon

P.S. I intentionally made the song 3/4, a waltz, when in truth a polka is 2/4. Sometimes we’re dancing to something that we think is one thing, but is entirely another. Anyway, here’s the link:

And here are the lyrics:

Sacred Polka by Erisa Rei Kopp/Pesky Fly Music 2010

Verse 1:

You were staring at the cracks on ceiling

They were black

You were pondering on life’s worth

Your mind was meandering

Way off track

And in your hearing there came sound

That stirred some feeling while truth hit the ground

Like a sacred polka

Verse 2:

Like a square peg in a round hole

You try to fit in

But your edges control

A mirror image pleasant to the sight

Then you flip the switch

Like a Jesus patrol

You try to be the queen of the wrong kind of game

The treasure that you seek is man’s acclaim

You’re like a sacred polka


You find yourself lost in this game that you play

Because you forget the rules that you make

You find your alone in this war in your mind

Cause you push love away all the time

So you don’t know the truth anymore

Verse 3:

Why do you struggle to your demise

To piece back that puzzle

That’s made of your lies

And in your hearing there is a sound

That plays your feelings

Til truth hits the ground

While you are dancing and spinning

To the sacred polka


Love you all!

Erisa Rei


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