Some Music Notes. ;)

A couple of music notes!:

1. As many of you know, I went into the studio in September to record an EP. I wanted to do it analog and my producer, Paul Buono, made it happen. It sounds really great! My husband, Eric, likes it so much that he wants me to go into the studio to make a full-length album, instead of one with 7 songs. I have a few songs in mind that I’m wanting to do.

Problem #1: $$$ Last year, we found ourselves in a position where it was necessary for us to move back to IL. Our house in TN was not ready to sell, as we were in the middle of a pretty large interior remodel project. We have renters in right now that are helping us fix up the house so we can sell it when they move out. But until that house is sold, we have 2 house payments, 2 car payments, and 5 children. My initial intention was to release an album in late May, but because of this situation, we are going to have to prolong it. It is too much to save up for in too little time.

Problem #2: I hate that I haven’t officially released any new music since 2012, except for one single last February, “About Love’.

Solution: We are going to release SOMETHING in May for you. It will be only a little taste, but at least it will whet your musical appetites, and give you an idea about what this next project will be like. In the meantime, I’m going to get back into the studio in the spring or summer to record those last three songs. I’m not sure when the REAL record will be available, but just know that I’m wanting to make sure that I’m providing you with something that I’m happy with, hoping that you will be too.

2. I have an online concert on Thursday evening right here: My daughter, Lilly Kopp, will also be doing a couple of songs. smile emoticon

3. I asked fans if they’d like me to do an original song or a cover song for my next Youtube video. A vast majority said they wanted an Erisa Rei original, which made my heart happy. heart emoticon So tomorrow, that will be available to you. I’ll be taping it direct from my back porch, and I cut about 4-5 inches off my hair. Come check it all out tomorrow!


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