Believing in Dreams… Passed On.

When I was a little girl, my Mom always encouraged me to do what I love. Since I felt this was a positive thing, I have always encouraged my kids to do the same. When they were younger, I wondered what they would do, but now that my oldest two are teens, I am starting to see where their careers are headed.

My second oldest will probably go to college/university to do some sort of English degree with a writing emphasis. My oldest daughter could do just about anything she wanted to. For awhile we thought that dance/ballet would be her career, as she was very good at it. Somewhere along the way, she realized that what she loved about dance was the music! So now, she is working towards her own career. Hopefully with her age and with me having some wisdom to impart to her concerning it, she will make it far!

A couple of people have said something about a duo, but I am 37 years old. I wouldn’t dare hold her back that way. She’s destined for greater things than I am. We are doing a little side project as a family,  but both of us are continuing our solo careers. Here’s Lilly’s page, if you’d be so good to like it, we’d both appreciate it. She’s almost to 100 likes!


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