Throwback Thursday #3

I missed last week, since it was Christmas and I was taking few days off.  I sort of am today.  I’ve done a little bit of work, and I’m planning on writing this blog post.  But I digress…

ballerina erisa

This is a picture of me at age 18, performing at my college dance recital.  At that age, I wanted to be a ballet teacher. I had gotten a scholarship for my dancing skills, as well as my academic achievement.  However, one scholarship that I was surprised about was getting one in music.  Maybe it’s one that they give out to anyone who wants to join the choir or any other sort of chorale program, but before that time, I had only thought of music as something I did for fun at home or occasionally at teen meetings.
I thought that I had a little talent in singing, but once I started voice lessons, I found out that I had quite a bit of potential.  My voice teacher wanted me to sing opera, as I was decent at it for a beginner.  However, I’d always liked Gospel and music with a lot of soul.  She told me only black people had any soul.  I rebelled at that thought and here I am years later, writing and singing my own brand of soul music.   (My opinion is that struggle brings about the emotion that soul requires, and I’ve had my fair share of it. I feel that most people of different ethnicities have had many struggles just because of the color of their skin.  I hate that.  However, I’ve been through hell, and my heart will bleed out for you through my songs anytime you hear me live.)

Anyway, I saw this picture and remembered my dancing dreams, and how they slowly turned to singing ones.  I was a pretty good ballerina, but God had something better in store for me.  I don’t always literally sing His name when I perform, but I give Him all credit for where I am at, for all that I have, and for redemption.


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