Throwback Thursday #4

erisa rei keyboard

When I was 8 years old I got a keyboard for Christmas. I was more interested in the drum machine on it, than actually learning the piano.  I took a year of trumpet in 4th grade, but then switched to percussion and learning to play bells. (The miniature xylophone, not literal bells.) I was in the marching band and orchestra, playing all percussive instruments. I still love the drums though, and am fairly specific about what I want to hear from them in my music.

I’m not much more of a keyboard player now than I was when that picture was taken.  I’ve tinkered around with the piano and had some lessons in college.  I can do my major scales and arpeggios, and the major chords, read a little music…. if I sit there and think about it.  However, the thought of dragging around a giant keyboard from gig to gig doesn’t sound as convenient as picking up my acoustic guitar case.  So I’ll just stick with attempting to better my skills there! 🙂


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