4 years!

I can’t believe it has been 4 years since I released my album, “Black Ball”.  I almost put 3 years in the title of this blog, but then realized it was actually 4.  Time flies by so very quickly!  I don’t know how some artists put something out every two years.  Then again, most artists that are that productive probably don’t have 5 children and have a team around them that helps with booking, managing, and promoting.  I do it all by my lonesome.  This is a bit exhausting, but I kind of like the hands on approach.  Besides, I know that if I did have a booking agent, manager and the like, I would be pretty handsy with it all.  But I’m rambling, so I’ll digress…. 😀

Back to FOUR YEARS!!!  In that time, I’ve grown a lot as an artist, but most of all, as a person.  I’ve mentioned a little bit about this already in past blogs, so I won’t rehash it. One thing I’ve learned since the release of “Black Ball” is that looking to the past is good, as long as you don’t look at it bitterly.  Maybe in a bittersweet way, but not bitterly.  So, I made up my mind awhile back to make goals for the future and implement ways to make them happen in the present.  And to do it for ME.  Not to do it to impress anyone or as a kiss-my-butt to my haters or to make someone else happy, but for ME.

So, this past fall, I recorded the songs that I wanted to, because they meant something to me.  These songs contain a part of my roots, as well as a part of my growth in many areas of my life.  That’s all I’ll say for now.  I’m hoping to release them sometime this year.  I’ll be able to calibrate when exactly when I get back from my tour to Europe, as well as all of my gigs coming up in March and April in the Midwest.

A part of the problem with the release stems from the fact that I’m nearly out of my first 1000 copies of “Black Ball”.  I only have 26 left!  So, the need to buy more, plus the need to buy some copies of my new project, as well as VINYL for the next project.  (I WILL be putting this album on vinyl, even if the album never releases until 2020.)  I’m super-happy with the outcome and acceptance of “Black Ball” with both the industry and my fans.

To end this: Thank you for purchasing my album, both digitally and physically.  Thanks for sharing my videos and my music pages.  Thanks for voting for me when it was needed for contests.  Thanks for basically keeping me going on my music journey!

If you’d like free downloads of my older project, “Backwards” and my single from last year, “About Love”.  You can get it here: http://www.noisetrade.com/erisarei

If you’d like to purchase the radio-charting album, “Black Ball”, you can buy it at the following links:








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