Throwback Thursday #5

IMG_1671This picture was taken back when Hubby and I were engaged.  It was the Christmas gathering at his sister’s house in 1997.  I think it was either our 12 yo niece or 9 yo nephew that took this picture of us.  I was only 19 and Eric was 26.

Reason I picked this picture for this throwback?  Eric and I thought we were in love back then, and we were.  It was just the brand new budding of love, though.  We nurtured that love, as much as we could. We communicated, refrained from lying, had fights, and said we were sorry.  We made it through family deaths, family arguments, a brother off at war, religious shocks, and a creepy stalker bullying us for over 6 years.  Those circumstances made our roots deeper.

Then there were the good times.  The abundance of laughter; both our own and that of our children- all 5 of them! (Our greatest treasures.)  There were holiday memories that we cherish and tell stories about around the dinner table.  There were hugs and kisses all around, and still are.  There were first breaths, first steps, family vacations, camping in a giant tent, hiking loudly down trails, making sandcastles that the tide washes away, playing excitedly in the waves, sledding down hills, snow ball fights, and snowman and snow-angel making.  Those happenings made our branches grow and leaf-out.

This picture was taken 19 years ago, when we were young, and thought we knew what love was.  It was merely the beginning of my best friendship.   Now it has grown stronger and steadier.  Our roots have grown because of the storms and hard times.  Our branches have reached towards the sun and spread out in the sky in the good ones.  What a steadfast love we’ve had so far; such a strong one.

I’m looking forward to the next 40 years with my best friend.  I want to make it past 60 years, just like my grandparents have.  Their tree has even deeper roots and even more wide-spread branches.  What a glorious memorial for our family, and one that I hope to have for my children and their children and then their children…



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