Family Music Night

Last night, we had a family night. Usually our family night is pizza and a movie. We decided to shake things up a bit and play games. We played Rummy, teaching the boys how to do it.
Then afterwards, Eric suggested that we have a family jam session. Over the years we’ve accumulated various instruments. Obviously we have guitars, but we also have a keyboard, cajon, bass guitars, and some percussion instruments. I thought that it was going to be a disaster, but sometimes disasters like these are funny, so I agreed to it.
Eric took the acoustic bass. I jumped on the electric guitar. Lilly Kopp got on the keyboard. A1 got on the acoustic guitar. A2 agreed to hit the tambourine, after a bit of coaxing. L2 played the cajon, and S took the shaker.
While we were far from professional, I have to say that I was surprised at the ease of it. The kids need to learn the etiquette of not playing/talking incredibly loud when “the leader” is talking or when someone is tuning, but it was much less chaotic than I imagined it being.
I started out teaching 4/4 meter, and then simple beats/notes within the meter. I also taught them how to listen if a note is sharp or flat. Then we worked on playing one chord together, and then two. Finally, we played a song of mine that we all knew with an easy chord progression. Then Eric wanted to play “Seven Nation Army”. We played it slow and somewhat shakily, but we did it.
I was pretty impressed by everyone, but the younger ones in particular. My older two have been playing around with music instruments for a couple of years, but the younger ones haven’t really tried. L2 can really keep a beat. A2 was right on target, understand which beats to play on. And S was his typical self, in that he played the shaker with his whole body basically. It was on beat, although it reminded me of the Walken/Ferrell SNL sketch with “more cowbell”.
After that we sang karaoke. Once again, I’m impressed by their natural talent. L2 was singing, but embarrassed because he has a really nice voice. (Such a nice tone and right on pitch.) He thought people would make fun of him because he can sing well! LOL! 😀 It was hilarious, because of some of the songs picked. It was fun though. These types of nights are my favorite, because as much as I love music and touring, I LOVE MY FAMILY!
Family music night will be happening again soon. Eric says so, and I agree.

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