Homeschool and Our 5

My last child is the first one of mine that begs me to do school with him.

#1: At first I really had to work on her focus as she would have her head in the clouds. Now she is very focused on everything she does. She’s never liked school particularly, just felt neutral about it. I love her efforts and good example.

#2: Really dug her heels in at first, but all of the sudden about 4 years finally understood how brilliant she is and started applying herself. I love the big change in her.

#3: Struggled and also dug in her heels. But she is competitive and when #4 started school full-time, she really started applying herself. I’ve watched as she has overcome a giant roadblock in her learning. She has grown in leaps and bounds these past couple of years. I love her tenacity… and her sweetness.

#4: Sometimes he likes school, sometimes he doesn’t, and sometimes he pretends he doesn’t when he does. It all depends on what he’s thinking about. Such a cerebral, but sensitive guy. He looks at things with an interesting perspective, one that most adults wouldn’t think of, let alone a 10 yo. I love his brilliant, little mind.

#5: Comes up to me with all of his school books, begs to start right away and says that he “kinda likes school”. I love his thirst for knowledge.

5 kids, all so very different from each other.


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