Whoops! I’m a slacker blogger.

We are in a bit of transition as a family. That’s why I haven’t blogged as much these last six months. We sold our house in TN and closed on it last week. Now we’re working on getting our IL house ready to put up for sale. We’ve had this house for 16 years. It will be hard to sell it, as it is cute with a lot of character, plus we have a lot of good memories here. We’re still not 100% sure where we will end up after all of this. What we do know is that it will not be in the same city that we do now. Another thing we know is that we will be living in the country again. (I can’t wait for that!)

I have been prepping for some things with my music. One opportunity that I was prepping for didn’t work out. I don’t think that I was a good fit, even though they loved my voice. The other opportunity had to do with the run of gigs that I have this month. I was selected to play at the Illinois State Fair this year, and had three gigs to do this week. Two of them are finished and the last one is on Wednesday. Below are a couple of pictures.:


Golf cart ride to get my guitar player from the front gate.

I’ve also been focusing on doing extra math with the kids this summer. A couple of them needed a little bit more time on the subject. They did that in June and July. We’re taking August off before starting up the new school year in September.

It’s a busy season for us. I have a lot of cool blog posts planned for whenever things get settled. And I’m even going to try to get some up even though we are super-busy. Writing is cathartic to me, so I need to make sure I keep it a part of my life. I’ve been writing a lot since I was in 7th grade. Why stop now?


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