New Home!

We just moved!  I’ve been busy packing up the household for the last 2 months.  This is not any easy task with 7 people.  I think we even are fairly minimalistic for as many people as we have in the family.  Our biggest thing is that we have a lot of books and dishes.  I love antique dishes.  I actually use them, so it isn’t a total waste either.  As for books, a combination of having several avid readers and home-schooling with a classic literature based curriculum, it can’t be helped.  Some books we get electronically, but the classics?  I have to have them.  (Let all the true minimalists begin weeping.)

We’ve been the official owners for 8 days now.  We spent all week painting the house and kitchen.  The process is below:


I still have more painting to do around the house, as well as some furniture.  We also have more unpacking to do.

To top it all off, I have two gigs this week.  One in WI, on Thursday, and one in Northern IL on Friday.  Overall, I have four more scheduled gigs this year, then I will be prepping for some things in my music that will be time-consuming.  One of which is songwriting, I haven’t written a whole song since May 2015.  The other is the new album release which will absolutely FOR SURE be in April 2017.  Until then, I will try to continue to update here on my blog, and will update daily on my social media sites.





I plan on making more posts this week about the house and my gigs.  Stay in touch!



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