Reading, Recuperating, & Creating Boundaries

We are mostly unpacked!  There are more boxes and straggler items to get at our old house still, but we’ll be getting more over the weekend.  Plus we’ll be painting the old house to get it ready to sell.  Hopefully it will sell quickly.

The last two days I’ve spent resting, because I pushed it too hard over the last few weeks with the move, and all that it entailed.  My body pretty much was like, “You need to rest, or your immune system is going to break down.”  So I listened and chilled out for a couple of days before I got sick.  Back to it tomorrow, though, as I’ll be sanding the girls’ furniture in order to paint it white.  Then the weekend begins with all of its work.

This past week I’ve been reading a lot.  I always do, but this time I’ve been reading up on some help books that will help me learn to create boundaries healthily. I also have thrown in a novel or two when my brain got tired from reading something more heavy.  These books have helped me realize that my gut intuition, which was saying I let people take advantage of my kindness, was right on.  I’ve done it since I was a kid.  It was a cycle of people abusing those boundaries and me taking it until I couldn’t anymore.  Then I’d get angry and say stupid crap. Even if it was CORRECT stupid crap, sometimes it didn’t need to be said.  Better to just walk away quietly or create the boundary before my anger ignited.  I realize now that I wasn’t taught how to do this correctly as a kid. I’m sorry if this little bit of personal information made anyone uncomfortable.

Just know it isn’t easy to talk about…

More updates on music later!



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