Songwriting Drought or Fast?

The last song I wrote by myself was in May 2015.  I still haven’t decided if this was a drought, because I’ve been busy or a sub-conscious fasting, because I had other things that I felt needed attended to.  I’m thinking that it was some of both.

I wrote a few songs with my girls since then, trying to teach them the ropes of songwriting.  Plus, it was a fun thing to do as a family.  However, sitting down and creating isn’t something that I’ve had any desire to do.

However, for the last six months, I’ve gotten a phrase here and there, that I’ve wrote down for later attention.  In the last month, I’ve gotten some melodies that I’ve recorded to work on for a later date.

In my personal life, we just moved.  We’ve been packing, painting, unpacking, fixing up, and driving a lot. I’ve also been emotionally unpacking, as it were, on another blog.  Some things that I’ve been too scared to write about, or write about and then take down out of fear, I’ve put up for the world to see.  And really less than 100 people have seen it, but it helps me unload emotionally.

So, whatever the reasons, whether self-inflicted, or a muddied outlook, I feel that now is the time to write songs again.  And I’ve started!  Since I’m not usually an extremely prolific writer normally, I’ve decided to push myself and write 15 songs between here and the end of the year.  And to push myself even more, I’m going to go live on Facebook and sing it.  I’m going to do at least one song a week there for the rest of the year.

I’m only going to do this on my Erisa Rei Street Team group on Facebook.  So, if you’d like to hear my new songs as they come, ask to join!



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