What We Pass Down

I have three daughters.  Each of them are unique, creative, and beautiful in their own way.  Seriously though, these girls are lovely within and without.  (Yes, we have a shotgun to keep the wily teenage boys away. 😉)

A few years back, my oldest daughter was in some hard core ballet schooling at the Nashville Ballet.  She was pretty good, and even got in to the American Ballet Theatre’s Summer Intensive program.  (One of the best.). I thought that she would return from it, beaming and enthusiastic.  Instead, we were returned a sad girl.  She is fairly private with her feelings, and we didn’t want to push her, so she continued ballet classes.  

Then, because of a situation where the family’s privacy and safety had been jeopardized, we had to move away from the great ballet school.  We thought Lilly’s dreams were smashed, but it turns out that after a few months in the new state, she came to us and told us that the dance intensive showed her that it wasn’t really the dance moves that thrilled her, it was the music!  

We are parents that believe in encouraging our children to do whatever they want to.  We encourage reading and drawing over video games.  We nudge them towards creativity and looking outside the box, instead of sticking to rules.  (We teach them to abide by rules that keep them and other people safe.) So, when she told us this we were surprised, but happy to help wherever we could.  Needless to say, I never pushed a music career on any of my children, because I want them to follow their path. Plus, I know how hard the industry is. 

Regardless, she is determined to have a music career.  So we are making steps.  She has been writing and building her social media.  Now we are in Nashville today, getting her a few demos done. With these she should be able to book some gigs, and get some momentum.   

I think she is fantastic.  With the right choices, hard work ethic, and the right people in her path, she has the goods to be a star.  

Unknowingly, I passed down my musical heritage.  I think that is awesome! 


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